AVENT Manual Breast Pump

Hello pretty mommies!

Avent Manual Breast Pump is available for only RM220.00 (price inclusive of shipping fee).

No pre-order needed.

Just email me if you are interested + make full payment and it will be shipped to you a.s.a.p.

Click Avent Manual Breast Pump for more info.

Have a great day pretty mommies!

Lynn at lynn.amalina@gmail.com

MrsPretty Maternity Dress

Hello pretty ladies,

MrsPretty Maternity Dress is available in various sizes and designs.

Custom made for you from a 100% cotton fabric.

Just let me know your size and how do you want it to be.
(example : I like a pinkish floral fabric combined with a matching polkadot/stripe fabric etc).

Price ranging from RM65.00-RM85.00 per piece (depending on the fabric's price).

You can also request a matching tudung with it.


Please email me at lynn.amalina@gmail.com

Take care pretty ladies!

Evenflo Cozy Glass Bottle - BPA Free and ANSI Certified

Feature : Breast Pump Compatible, BPA Free, Glass Bottle, Microwave Safe, Acid Free and ANSI (American Nationals Standard Institute) Certified


February SNIAGRAB!

Hello Pretty Mommies,

Check out our February SNIAGRAB :

#1 : Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer

- Fits up to 4 bottles and two breast pump shields
- Lightweight and compact - could fit all standard microwaves
- The modern way of cleaning bottles and accessories

Price : RM100.00 - inclusive shipping fee
Availability : 2 sets only

picture courtesy of Google

#2 : Baby Wonders Dual Feeding Bowl - The perfect home and travel feeding bowl

- Use this feeder as a dual compartment bowl
- Non-slip grip keeps the bowl from sliding
- Hold two jars of baby food comfortably with one hand
- Snap-on spoon makes it easy to travel with while hard to misplace
- Microwave safe

- Comes in 4 great colors - refer pictures

Price : RM30.00 per-set (inclusive shipping fee)
Availability : 5 sets

To grab the above, kindly email me at lynn.amalina@gmail.com

Have a pretty day, pretty! :)

Exclusive Nursing Apron Design by MrsPwetty

Hello pretty mommies!

My sincere apology for turning down few CD orders and not updating this blog.
I have been busy preparing myself for my yearly 'balik kampung' trip and completing couple of past-due orders of my CDs and few additional requests like handbags, handbags and handbags! :)

Now, the vacation's over and I am back doing what I have been doing for the last 2-3 years or so.

And today, for the very first time, I'll introduce you to my very own Nursing Apron designs.
I've sold a few already.

Take a look and let me know.

The price is RM60.00 per piece, inclusive the shipping fee to Malaysia.

Note :

This is a ready made product HOWEVER just let me know if you want to custom made your nursing apron. For custom made nursing apron, you can choose your favorite cotton fabric from The SpinningSpool Shoppe.

Have a pretty day, pretty! :D


New Fabric and More!

Hello Pretty Mommies and Ladies!

It's here, mommies!!
New fabrics for your little darlings!

Pair-It-Mom Fabric
You can choose either Pink Paisley or Patches Paisley (or both!) for your lil gal dress and a matching fleece for the CD!


Baby-Baby Fleece

Many Animals on green fleece

Count the Sheep! fleece

The Soft ,Cuddly and Snugly Fleece

Cute Mushrooms on black

Baby and Rubber Duckie

Everything Cute on green

Baby Stuff patches


Pink Dots on Brown

Colorful Dots on White


Colorful Circles with silver glitters

Sweet Cupcakes with silver glitters

Colorful Flowers

Dots on Squares

Colorful Argyle

Lion, Giraffe and More!

Knitted Cotton

Feline Prints on white
Suitable for Sundress and CD

Magical Flowers
Suitable for Sundress and CD

Questions or to order, kindly email me at:

MrsPweetty -- makes cute babies cuter!!

Have a pretty day, pretty! :)

Knitted Cotton Dress and My First Rat!

Hello Pretty Mommies!

Knitted cotton dress and a matching lil' gal panty for Ila DD.
Instead of CD, she opted for a matching panty for her 24months old DD.
I hope she likes it.
Thanks darl! :)

And those shorties are made for Mei.
I particularly like the one with Rat sewn at the back of the shorties since well...it's my first rat!
Mei requested a picture of rat on the shorties since her baby was born in the Rat Year of the Chinese calender.
There you go Mei, my first rat and now it's all yours darl. :)

Oh btw, I will upload pictures of some new fabrics I have PLUS MrsPweetty first contest ad tutorial soon.

New Fabric? Contest? Tutorial? Yup!

Overwhelming huh? I Know!!

Stay tuned mommies!


lynn.amalina@gmail.com @ MrsPweetty!