Newborn CD with umbilical cord snap down

XS soaker with elastic waist band

Hello Pretty Ladies and Mommies!

How are you ladies doing?
I hope everybody is in the best shape and health.

You ladies have been keeping me busy lately.
Thank you for the endless support darlings!
I am loving every moment sewing that little diaper for your darling baby.
plus, it keeps me occupied during the long HOT day!
BIG Hugs!!

Anyway, just to showcase my newest addition : Newborn Cloth Diaper with Umbilical Cord snap-down. It can be snapped-down to create a zone for the umbilical cord. Yup!

Oh, and that set above belongs to one of my customer.
I made the matching booties for her baby.
A gift from MrsPweetty!

Till later, have a fun day, pretty!!