Introducing : Mrs Pweetty b.a.b.e Cloth Diapers

Hello Pretty Ladies,

I am happy to introduce you my cloth diaper - Mrs Pweetty b.a.b.e Cloth Diapers!
I can't be thankful enough for finally being able to come out with this absolutely awesome CDs, most importantly - it is affordable to everyone.

I am now accepting orders for Cloth Diaper - both waterproof and non waterproof, All-In-One (AIO) CDs, Diaper Covers.
The best thing about my cloth diaper is that you can choose your favorite fabric design and colors. You can also opt for waterproof or non-waterproof CDs.
What more, you can customized your own cloth diaper for your little ones. WOW!

Pictures above call for a size XS, non-waterproof CD.
You can click on each picture for details.

I recommend non-waterproof CDs for newborns and babies with SAHMs.
Why? Because a non-waterproof CD requires a little bit more attention as compared to the waterproof CDs - meaning it would need more changing than the waterproof CDs. You would need more of the non-waterproof CDs for this matter. But, here's the catch -- the non waterproof CD costs less than the waterproof CDs!
What makes the waterproof CDs costs more than the non-waterproof CDs?
Well, the waterproof material used to make these CDs costs a little bit more. This material is called P.U.L polyurethane knit - a thin, durable, and flexible material that comprised of a layer of polyurethane laminated onto cotton fabric. And this provides the waterproof protection on the CD.

And, who says an eco-friendly products should cost you arms and legs?
No, No, No! I strongly believe that it should be affordable and accessible to everyone who lives on planet Earth!

The price for non-waterproof CDs are as low as RM18.00 and up to RM28.00, while waterproof CDs ranged from RM22.00 to RM34.00!
Prices differ depending on the size and the material of the CDs.

Why are my CDs cheaper than other CDs?
Here are why:
1. I sew them myself. Yup!
2. I get the fabric from local stores near my house, sometimes I travel a little to get them.
3. No middle person, no additional fee for re-packing them. Just me. :)
4. I'm a bargain hunter, so I buy those fabrics when they're on sale. I will pass on the sale price I get to you!
5. My CDs is not mass-produced. Each CD that I make receives careful attention from me. It's all made with TLC!

Other than that:
1. I accept payment installments - between 2-3 installments for single purchases of RM200.00 and above.
2. If you think you would like to sell my CDs, I would be more than happy to offer you my supplier price.
3. The quality of my CDs are the same as other brand CDs, which is mostly imported from the US. Since I live in the US, all materials and fabrics are accessible to me. Technically, I am using what other brand names are using to make their CDs. I guarantee you.
4. You can establish a post-purchase relationship with me. I would love to be your friend.
5. You can customized your CDs. How's that sound?

Email me if you have questions regarding my CDs.
I would love to hear it from you. - I'm your Diaper Lady!