MrsPweetty Lady Liners

Hello Pretty Ladies,

Introducing - MrsPweetty Lady Liners.
Whoop! Whoop! Another 'green' afford by yours sincerely - LynnAmalina. :) Made from 100% flannel so it's soft and comfortable to be used. The liners can be attached and detached using hook and loop fasteners a.k.a velcro (fyi, velcro is a brand name, and I may not necessarily use that particular brand name).

Unlike other cloth liners, Mrs Pweetty Lady Liners can be used multiple times. How? Because MrsPweetty Lady Liners comprises of 2 things - the shell and the liner. You don't need to change the whole cloth liner if the one you're using gets dirty. Simply replace the dirty liner with a clean liner. Is that easy?

MrsPweetty Lady Liners is affordable too.
Really, really.
The price for 1 shell + 1 liner is RM5.00.

Additional price for shells and liners :

RM4.00 per shell (for printed, solid or combination of both).
RM2.00 per liner (printed, solid or combination of both).
You'll save on shipping if you buy more, so call up your friends and tell them about this awesome
deal! Group buy is highly recommended.

Choices of colors and design :

Since I can't possibly upload all my lady liners pictures here, so, kindly email me if you're
interested and let me know what colors and designs you like/dislike. Let say you're not a big fan of blue and pink, I'll try not to use blue and pink for your lady liners.

Just let me know the do's and don't s. ;)

Simple right?

So, here are some pictures of MrsPweetty Lady Liners.

Happy viewing, pretty! :)

MrsPweetty Lady Liners is cute and easy to carry around:

1. Let say this is your dirty / spare liner

2. Unattached it from the shell

3. Fold the liner and place it in the middle of the shell and fold the flaps without the snap together

4. Fold the other flaps (the one with snaps) and voila!

MrsPweetty Lady Liners is a copyright reserved of MrsPweetty.

Do not duplicate or replicate.