Introducing : MrsPweetty Cute-Nimal Cd

Hello pretty mommies,

The long awaited MrsPweetty Cute-Nimal CD is here.
Yiippiiee - yeayy!

What is best about my Cute-Nimal CD is that you can choose your own cute animal to be sewn at the back of your cutie-pie cd! And of course, you can still choose the color too!

Just pick the Cute-Nimal and I'll sew it for you.

For now, I have Cute-Nimal Bee, Cute-Nimal Panda, Cute-Nimal Elephant, Cute-Nimal Lady-Bug and Cute-Nimal Sheep.

I'll be having Cute-Nimal Lion, Cute-Nimal Zebra and Cute-Nimal Giraffe soon.

And, Mommies, I can only accept AIO and Fitted Sized Cd for now.


All MrsPweetty Cds and MrsPweetty Lady Liners order should be made before June 9, 2010.

Price for AIO Sized CD with snaps :

XS - RM26.00
S - RM28.00
M - RM30.00
L - RM32.00
XL - RM34.00

Price for AIO Sized CD with hook and loop fastener :

XS - RM25.00
S - RM27.00
M - RM29.00
L - RM31.00
XL - RM32.00

For Fitted Sized CD N/Wp with snaps:

XS - RM22.00
S - RM24.00
M - RM26.00
L - RM28.00
XL - RM30.00

For Fitted Sized CD N/Wp with velcro :

XS - RM19.00
S - RM22.00
M - RM24.00
L - RM26.00
XL - RM28.00

Kindly Note that shipping fee will be calculated according to the weight of your order.

Thank you!

Have a pweetty day, pretty!

Hugs --

Cute-Nimal is a Copyright Reserved of MrsPweetty.

Do Not Copy, Duplicate or Replicate.