More Flannel for MrsPweetty Cloth Diapers

Hello Pretty Mommies,

Here are some flannel for you to choose for your MrsPweetty cloth diapers.

Note that price per-cd will be determined by :

1. The size of your cd ---- (XS - XL)
2. The fabric used on your cd --- (Flannel / Fleece / Knitted)
3. The fastener used on the cd --- (hook and loop / snaps)
4. The type of cd --- (AIO, Fitted, AI2, OS or Sized)

While shipping fee will be determined by the weight of your order.

Kindly email me for details.

Flannel for Girl

Fairy Princess

Love and Apples

Nursery Teddies

Daisies and Duckies

Secret Admirer


Ladybird #1

Rainbow Butterflies

Monkey on Dots

Flannel for Boys

Animals on Brown

Many boats on Green

Mr Dinosaurs



Under Construction

Sponge Bob's Tire Shop

Pair-It Moms!

Dino for boys
Cotton + Flannel

Lady Bug and Daisy
Cotton + Flannel

Flowers Flowers
Cotton + Flannel

School Sharks!
Cotton + Flannel

Dots on Dots
Cotton + Fleece

Knitted Cotton #1 - suitable for lil gal sun dress + cd

Knitted Cotton #2 - suitable for lil gal sun dress + cd

For this Pair-It fabric, MrsPweetty will team up with LizOthman.
It's simple.

Just choose the fabric that you like from this Pair-It category and LizOthman will sew the dress for your lil baby while I'll make the matching CD for you!
Brilliant? We think so too! :)

For Everyone :


I love Animals

Red Apples on Yellow

Place your order now and get it just in time for Hari Raya!


In the meantime, have fun browsing!

Have a pretty week, pretty! :)