MrsPweetty Matching Set - Cherry BING!

Hello Pretty Ladies,

Another fashion revolutions by MrsPweetty.

Introducing MrsPweetty Matching Set with matching CD + little dress, for you little ones!

I named this one -- Cherry BING Set!

C.U.T.E? You bet! :)

Shown in this picture are :

1 MrsPweetty Cherry BING - AIO Sized L CD (with velcro) and 1 Cherry BING dress for baby aged 7 months.

Price for this Cherry BING set is RM65.00.

Price vary between sizes, ranging from RM50.00 - RM70.00.

All MrsPweetty matching set comes with 1 AIO Sized CD (from size XS to XL) and 1 little dress (from size XS to XL).

Other fabric designs will be posted here soon.

Kindly note that shipping fee will be calculated according to the weight of your order.

Have a pretty day, pretty!

The name Cherry BING Set is a copyright reserved of MrsPweetty.

Do not duplicate or replicate.